Looking for a place to escape your busy life and reconnect with nature? Goat Valley Campgrounds features 300 acres of quiet forest and peaceful scenery for you to enjoy.


The campsite is equipped with many modern amenities such as running water and shower stations, to ensure your comfort during your stay. There is also a camp store stocked with groceries and other necessities, so you don't even have to leave site if you forgot anything!

The surrounding towns have many delicious home-style restaurants, bars with live music, and many other local attractions. You'll also find fresh produce straight from family farms and firewood on almost every corner.

We have many events throughout the year, but open camping is available almost every weekend. We are closed during the winter and on Halloween, the summer solstice, Pentecost, and a handful of other significant dates of the year. Please check the calendar and ensure you have designated your next-of-kin before visiting.

The Team

Our camp staff is here to help you have an enjoyable visit! Please don't hesitate to ask them for help or phone the camp emergency line if no one is close enough to hear your screams.

This camp has been in the same family for generations now. You'll find aunt and uncles and brothers and grandparents all helping out to keep the campground running efficiently and safely. While you're here, you're part of the family too.

We also employ a lot of locals to take care of the grounds and run our camp store and restaurant. Here's a couple of the friendly folks you might meet during your stay!

"Turtle" is was one of our newest staff member so you may see her mentioned in some places. She's from out-of-town, so she went home during the winter months and decided to remain there to help out a local business owner using the knowledge she gained from her time with us.

If you see a fellow followed by a pack of dogs, don't be intimidated. They might be large and scary-looking, but they're sweet little puppies on the inside. Go say hi to Bryan and ask if you can pet them.

Finally, you might run into some of our more reclusive inhabitants during your stay. Please treat them with respect and remember to always follow the rules that you received as part of your information packet. Otherwise, don't be afraid to say hello to the friendly ones. You might just learn something about yourself, the world around us, and the world that we cannot see. (please consider carefully if you can bear the burden of knowing, for the things they say can never be forgotten)

Stories About The Campground


Do you regret not buying more of our homemade fudge while you were here? Well, sadly most of our products can only be purchased at the camp store, but we do have some select items available through various print-on-demand services.

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Goat Valley is fake. This website was created to go with some stories on nosleep. You can read them here.

"How to Survive Camping" was written by Bonnie Quinn.